Fig Research (Figr) is a platform for independent researchers, professionals, scholars, craftsmen and practitioners. We work in the generation, production, dissemination, archival and revival of beneficial knowledge. We define the concept of "benefit" based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (s). Benefit, for us, embodies a balance between economic and spiritual benefit divided equally between all interested parties. 



Beneficial knowledge is that which illuminates the heart. The knowledge that is ultimately sought for the sake of Allah and for preserving the faith of the community and the individual. We are interested in language teaching-learning processes, theatrical and poetric arts and promoting the public understanding of economics, law and science.


We use paper and digital as a continuous medium to create seamless knowledge experiences. We are also looking at technology platforms for the storage, retrieval, search and generation of knowledge, especially in informal spaces.


Fig Research is both an academic and an operational platform. We initiate participatory projects and workshops to find ways to replant our economic ventures back in to the unbreakable foundation of faith. We compile and synthesize knowledge relevant to the local community.

The Azadi Notebook


How can something as simple as a hand-made notebook be a lens to explore the loss of meaning in modern life? Read our journey with handmade notebooks and looking for value. Post #1, Post #2.



If there are possibilities in your mind that you wish to bring to life, please get in touch.