Figr is a gathering of people who want to seek and share beneficial knowledge. Figr started in 2017.


Saif Ali

Saif Ali is a computer scientist, theatre practitioner and an economist under training. He takes an active interest in traditional Islamic studies.

Abdul Ahad

Abdul Ahad is a student of Islamic studies and a hafiz-al-Quran, Alhamdulillah. Arabic is his beloved language and he intends to continue his study in Arabic for many years, insha Allah. He is also interested in the study of economics to help the nation. He studies psychology as a hobby in order to establish better communication with people. He wishes to spend his entire life learning.


Kafeel Ahmad

Kafeel Ahmad is an Arabic language teacher and multilingual translator (Arabic-Urdu-English). He has 7 years of combined experience in teaching and the corporate sector. He loves teaching because it shapes careers and is the instrument of bringing about meaningful change in the world. He is versed in Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic. Kafeel believes that Arabic is the easiest language and invites everyone to learn it.


Monib Ahmad

Monib is a copywriter, editor, and knowledge scavenger. 

Mohd. Itqan Ullah

Itqan holds degrees in Electronics and the Arabic language. He works on inter-disciplinary research in Computer Vision, Control Systems, Machine Learning and Computational Linguistics. He aims to pursue a career in research and teaching and hopes to benefit humanity through it.



Nida Ali

Nida Ali is an economist, mathematician and illustrator. She enjoyes gardening, writing poetry, and Warli painting.



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